Fujifilm XH2: Three Settings to Fix

Fujifilm XH2 and XH2s. Three settings to fix to make the camera better and faster to adjust focus and ISO. Also, several tips to workaround the ISO button and focus mode button limitations.

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📔 Table of Contents
00:00 | Intro
00:14 | Opening and Welcome
00:48 | ISO Setting Button
02:28 | ISO Button Tip for XH2 and XH2s
03:18 | Focus Mode Button
05:26 | Manual Focus In Autofocus Tip for XH2 and XH2s
06:33 | Focus Lever (Joystick)
07:59 | Geariguana Ceremony
09:07 | XH2 and XHS2 Firmware Update Conclusion
09:22 | Channel Memberships and Discord Server
10:21 | Conclusion and Goodbye

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Producer and Host: Chris Lee

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