Fujifilm PASM Dial – Love it? Hate it? Use it?

A complete guide to setting up and using the PASM Dial on the Fujifilm XH2 and XH2s cameras. Join me at pal2tech BACKSTAGE: https://pal2tech.com/backstage
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📔 Table of Contents
00:00 | Opening, Intro, and Welcome
00:56 | About the PASM Dial
01:07 | Program Settings
01:32 | About Program Shift
03:03 | Using Exposure Compensation
03:52 | Aperture Priority Setting
05:20 | Shutter Speed Setting
06:19 | Manual Settings
06:57 | ISO and the PASM Dial
09:33 | Filter Setting
09:55 | Movie Mode
10:46 | C1 – C7 Custom Settings
11:19 | Setting Up the Custom Settings on the PASM Dial
18:12 | Edit/Check Section of Custom Mode Settings
18:51 | Recap Again of Process To Set Up Custom Settings
20:04 | Be Careful With Movie Optimized Control
20:46 | Conclusion

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🎬. Production Notes:
Producer and Host: Chris Lee

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